Strongest Weed Strains – What is the Highest the Strain?

The most powerful varieties of cannabis

There are many published lists of the most powerful varieties of marijuana in the world. However, we understand that the world is changing too fast. All these titles are from the category of those things that come and go with the passage of time. We have found and collected in a small list those very powerful cannabis varieties that can be found in the market of elite cannabis seeds of the CIS. That is, anyone can find and buy a powerful variety of cannabis from our list. So, let’s start:

Auto Gagarin is the most powerful variety of cannabis. The result of the painstaking work of Canadian breeders who crossed the genotypes of Afghan, Hawaiian and Jamaican cannabis. This is a wonderful auto coupler, with small dimensions (90-130 centimeters) and an excellent level of yield (500 grams per square meter). The flowering period lasts 70 days. In taste and aroma, there are oriental spices and sweet, catching chocolate manners. Most importantly, the level of TGCs is 31%! With this strain, you should be careful as with a loaded gun – a thing very useful when the master is intelligent.

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Auto AK-47 XL is an improved version of the well-known AK-47 grade. This auto-flowering strain belongs to the category of powerful varieties of cannabis sativa, because its genotype is dominated by the sativa gene. I have earned a reputation for being simple in growing a strain with a high yield (750 gr per m2). The flowering period takes up to 60 days. The growth of this unit lies in the range of 85-120 cm. The level of TGCs is up to 24%. The effect is powerful and stable, enjoying the confidence of a large number of fans.

Auto Opium is an indispensable fruitful auto-flowering variety, reaching 150 centimeters in height. Product from Canadian breeders. The basis is taken by Afghan genetics. Pleases with large volumes of harvest (up to 1000 gr per m2) and the percentage of concentration of THC – 29%! The aroma of cones is caramel, stable, the effect is sharp and protracted. The variety is famous for its psychedelic effect, which should be warned in advance. Use should be very careful, because in that case, quickly leave the state will not work.

Once again, warn: the above-listed varieties should be used with caution. The cones of these varieties of cannabis are a selective staff that can hardly be found at dealers, therefore it must be treated with respect, without self-confidence, using such marijuana very carefully.